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ATC 101

What is an ATC/ACEO?

ATC = Artist Trading Card
ACEO = Artist Card, Editions and Originals

An ATC/ACEO is a 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch piece of artwork. It can be made of any material or crafted out of any medium.

The difference between an ATC and an ACEO is that an ATC is a one of a kind card and an ACEO usually is not. An ACEO may be an original work for sale, a work in a series of works or a digital print. An ACEO is intended to be sold, which is why someone may make multiple copies. An ATC is intended for trading only and is not meant for sale. Sales offers and advertising will be removed from the group: this group is for display and trading only. If you want to put a separate image of the ATC up [post a copy on deviantART without any sales element] and submit the non-commercial Deviation to this group that is fine. I am dropping any cards with sales links, prices or marketing indicators. You will see the message: "Hello, please no prices, sales links or ads for the #ArtistTradingCards group. The group is for display and trading, not for marketing. Please resubmit the image without the sales information if you want it shown in the group."

How do I trade an ATC?
First off, be aware that trading ATCs means you'll actually have to mail the card out to another person, and they'll be mailing one to you.

Contact the artist you wish to trade with, either by a Note or Comment. You'll either be trying to trade for an already made card you saw that you'd like to have, or you'll be asking the artist to create a new card for the trade.

If they agree to the trade, they'll either ask for one of your already made cards, or ask you to create a new card as well.

Before agreeing to trade (or deciding you want to trade), be sure to check WHERE the artist lives. Admittedly, it is usually $1.10 (at least from the USA) to ship an ATC anywhere in the world, but many trades can add up.

If you're uncomfortable giving out your address acquiring a P.O. Box is recommended.

Don't send out your address right away - wait until they've agreed to the trade and selected the ATC they want you to mail (or you've finished making an ATC for them).

When you finish your ATC, consider gluing it to a solid core (recycled packaging material like a cereal box works well), to give the ATC a solid core. You can also add the title, your name, your country, your website and the date the card was made to the back, so they'll always know where the ATC is from. Considering using an ATC label or decorative paper on the back of your card.

For sending the ATC itself mail it in a cardstock (really thin cardboard) card. You can usually buy a pack of blank greeting cards for this. Plastic sports card "penny" sleeves (100 for $1.00) or heavier sports card collector holders are helpful to mails ATCs. Add a note about the process of making the card and a thank you inside the card.

You can also buy mini envelopes to protect your ATC. Mini envelopes are becoming more available at art stores, and are just big enough to hold an ATC. You can also make your own, fine free patterns online. Chinese gift money envelopes also work well. However, mini envelopes are too small to be mailed in the USA, so they would still have to be placed in a larger envelope.

Putting the ATC inside something stiff and using plastic helps protect the card in the mail.

When the ATC you traded for arrives in the mail, you should send a Note to your trading partner to let them know the card arrived safely.

Some tips on materials to make ATCs: artisttradingcards.deviantart.…

More questions? Feel free to contact ARTG33K74

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I am hosting an ADVENTURE TIME Summer Swap 2014!

This swap is for artist trading cards of "Adventure Time" cartoon characters, and fans of the show know there are quite a few! Here is a great wiki of characters:…  I think this is a group swap a lot of us can get into.

Here are the parameters of the swap for players:

Total of 6 hand-drawn and/or hand-painted artist trading cards. Please use only artist grade materials (no ballpoint pens, Sharpie markers, hi-lighters or other office supplies.) Good ideas for materials are artist markers, paint media, coloured pencils and inks. Make sure each ATC is made of heavy material like 140# or 300# watercolour paper, Bristol board, illustration board or is mounted on a thick core. People want a card, not a floppy piece of paper.

◙ Sign each card on the reverse with you name, your screen name and where you are from. Please include the name of the character on the back or in the title of the card. The main characters are easy but I won't claim I know every minor character... what are there, like thousands? ☺

◙ Player Total = 30! This swap will be closed if we hit that number of players. First come basis to join. Anyone who drops out, the remaining participants' work will be traded. Please respond below if you want to join this swap. I will send a Note for the mailing address. Please indicate if you are joining by June 20, 2014.

DEADLINE (MOVED BACK A MONTH!) for me to receive your ATCs will be July 25, 2014. Anything received after the deadline will be sent back. Please note: Chicago mail is slow as snails, and I recommend at least two weeks of travel time to be safe. Please use plastic sleeves to ship your ATCs to me.

USA players: please include $0.70 in stamps. International players: you can put in an extra ATC for hostess gift or PayPal $2.00 USD. I will make sure all trades will be mailed in plastic sleeves and send them using a large 5x8 inch (A7) envelope.

If there are any questions, please respond here or send me a Note. I will get to your inquiry as soon as I am able. Definitely feel free to show your work in the group gallery!

Adventure Time!

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ARTG33K74 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
If you get multiple messages regarding cards for sale / marketing, please note that I input the message for each Deviation I remove from the group. If you want to submit work to the group, please remove any sales references. Any business cards put on display here, I am just removing. This group is for display and trading of original, hand-made artist trading cards. Thank you~!
crazyruthie Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014   General Artist
thanks very much for the request, hopefully someone will want to trade for my card. (there will be more!!!)
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I hope they do too! good luck!
crazyruthie Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014   General Artist
thank muchly! after that one i got into the idea and did a collage and some paintings. yay!!!
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It's open to everyone! :D Thank you for coming.
Haawan Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Quickly checking though, do we submit everything to the Featured folder or am I having a glitch of some sort? That's the only option it gives when I'm trying to contribute some art. :) 
ARTG33K74 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes, new work goes to Featured. If it is full, it will bounce and I need to clean it out. Let me know that it works. 
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LOLOL Happy Holidays anyway! Heart 
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